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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are you open all year round?

As of 2018, we will be closed yearly from December 1st to January 15th. The difficult weather conditions striking the Togean Islands at that time of the year have convinced us to make that sad decision.
December and early January are the period of the west wind season, and since Lia Beach is North-West oriented, we suffer a lot from it. For other resorts it is not necessarily the case.

In 2016 and 2017, we had to struggle with heavy storms combined to rough sea (big waves) and super high tides, which resulted in floods (due to the geology of our beach – again, it is not the case in every resort) and sometimes the impossibility to go out with our boat. As we need to go out on a regular basis (to buy supplies, get fresh water, and carry out snorkeling trips), it can get quite tricky, not to say risky.

The 2016 and 2017 guests who stayed with us at that time of the year happened to be very understanding in regards to the situation, and we truly thank them for that: they made it a lot easier for us to deal with the situation, sometimes helped us, and still had an enjoyable time at Lia Beach! But we do not want to go through the same troubles again while we’re having guests around. It’s a pity we can’t celebrate Christmas and New year’s with our guests anymore, but it’s the wisest decision to make.

The rest of the year, we’re open and are looking forward to welcoming you in our little paradise!

When is the best season to come to Lia Beach?

The Togean Islands’ climate
There’s no real rainy season on the Togean Islands, or let’s say there’s no proper monsoon. Being very close to the Equator, we get an equatorial climate, which means we basically get the same kind of weather all year round: +/- 30°C during the day (down to 25-27°C at night), high humidity level and an alternance of sun and rain. In other words, it can rain in dry season, and it can be very sunny in rainy season!

“Rainy” season
There is a bit more rain between November and late February, so that’s what we call rainy season but it shouldn’t prevent you from visiting the Togean Islands. It rarely rains all day and when rain comes, it’s usually fast and heavy, but then it passes and lets the sun shine again, most of the time.
What is more to fear during rainy season is not the rain, but the west wind that strikes the area with rough seas and strong winds from December to mid – sometimes late January. See above question for more details about the west wind season at Lia Beach.

“Dry” season
The so-called dry season runs from March to late October, with the driest season running from June to September, which also happens to be high season. Again, even in dry season we can get some rain, in the form of quick and strong showers, mostly in the evening or during the night (right, sometimes during the day too!).

High season
Although high season runs from June to the end of September, the peak season is really July and August. As of February/March every year, we’re usually booked out for those 2 months. It’s true, we have only 2 bungalows, so being fully booked is “easy”, but keep in mind that even in bigger resorts, every summer there are tourists who don’t find a room and have to sleep in the restaurant or on the beach, waiting for vacancies.

At Lia Beach the notion of crowd doesn’t really exist, with our 2 and only rooms! But high season is definitely busier than the rest of the year, with sometimes up to 3 or 4 people per room (extra beds), while we usually have only 2 people per room the rest of the year, and sometimes only one bungalow occupied.

Tip: if you’re planning on staying both at Lia Beach and at other resorts which have more room capacity, July and August might be a period you want to avoid if you have the opportunity to travel off-season (cheaper flights, cheaper room rates).

In any case, remember to book your stay at Lia Beach, in all seasons, because we can’t guarantee a free room among our 2 bungalows if you show up without notice: it would be a pity to have come all the way and have to look for another place to stay!

Still confused? Here’s our advice on the best time to visit the Togeans and stay at Lia Beach:

  • If weather is your first criteria: come from March to September, or in October
  • To avoid the crowd: February to May/June and October/November
  • Best compromise: March, April, May, June and October
  • Don’t come to Lia Beach (we’re closed!): from December to mid-January

How do I get to Lia Beach?

It depends where you are coming from. For detailed directions, see our Directions page.

Which Togean resort are you the closest to?

Togean Pulotiga Resort opened in November 2016 and is now the closest resort, 10 minutes away by boat.
The other closest resorts are on Malenge island, about 1 hour away.

Are there any ATMs on the Togean Islands?

Unfortunately no. You have to withdraw enough money before heading to the Togean Islands, either in Ampana or in Gorontalo. In both these cities, there are ATMs for Visa and Mastercard. Be aware that ATMs don’t have a very high withdrawal limit (up to Rp 1.250.000 or Rp 2.500.000 depending on the bank) so you might have to withdraw several times in a raw to get the necessary amount. Think of letting your bank know so that they don’t suspect a fraud on your card.

Can I exchange money on the mainland just before going to the Togean Islands?

We don’t recommend that you exchange money in Ampana or Gorontalo. In both cities, there are no money changers, so you can only exchange in banks.

  • Ampana: you can only exchange at BRI bank (Euros and US dollars). There are long waiting lines and sometimes their computer system is down, or the manager is not there, so they won’t exchange. Exchange rates are much lower than in other Indonesian touristy places.
  • Gorontalo: you can only exchange US Dollars, not Euros.

Note that banks do not accept ripped or rumpled foreign bank notes, everywhere in Indonesia, and that banks close at 03:00 pm

Can I pay by credit card at Lia Beach? Can I pay with Euros or US Dollars?

At the moment we do not accept credit card payments, because we don’t have a credit card machine.
Besides, we only accept cash in Rupiah. It is complicated for us to accept other currencies (Euros, US Dollars) because it requires us to go to Ampana to exchange them. Please be aware we can only go to Ampana every 2 or 3 months. Besides, exchange rates in Ampana are very low. As a matter of fact, we could only offer very low rates if we accepted Euros and US Dollars, which wouldn’t be in your advantage.

Why is your name Lia Beach and your website

We’ve had some kind of a name problem! “Pae Lia” is the original name of the beach, and we wanted to keep it, that’s why we bought the corresponding domain name. The trouble is, after a little survey, it turned out Pae Lia sounded too much like “paella”, the typical spanish dish (fried rice with seafood, among others).
So we decided to buy a new domain name (lia-beach) and redirected it to pae-lia-beach, cause we had no time to transfer our site to the new domain name.
Long story short: our real name is indeed Lia Beach, even tough we’re using both domain names for our website!!