Treat yourself to a break in paradise!

About us

Lia Beach is a bamboo resort located on an intimate beach on the island of Waleakodi, Togean Islands.
We are Marion and Epo, a French-Indonesian couple, and we are pleased to welcome you in our little paradise, that we built and run, with love, since July 1st, 2016.


We pre-opened in August 2015 as a temporary guesthouse

During high season 2015, we decided to offer basic accommodation as a fallback solution to visitors who couldn’t find a room.
Although the Togean Islands are still preserved from mass-tourism, summertime is always very crowded: all resorts are fully booked, and travelers often have to sleep on the beach or in a resort’s restaurant until they find a room.

So we offered travelers some kind of fallback accommodation option, hosting them in the basic rooms we have built for the laborers who worked on the construction, and in tents. It was also a perfect option for budget travelers and backpackers.
We remained opened until mid-October 2015, and then closed for the construction of our bamboo bungalows.

Construction wasn’t easy

Construction started in November 2015 with foundation making as well as building the wooden floor and wall structures for 2 bungalows.

Being the pioneers of bamboo construction in the Togean islands, we are facing the teething problems of a general lack of knowledge and experience, making it impossible to anticipate costs in a realistic way.

One of the most important troubles by far has been our bamboo supply: most of it was eaten by shipworms (termites of the sea) during soaking in seawater (the seawater treatment is a necessary step if bamboo is to be used for construction).
We stopped construction and started a crowdfunding campaign in January 2016 to face this problem as well as our fresh water supply problem: the extreme drought Indonesia has suffered from since summer 2015 has turned our fresh water into a salty one, so we need to dig a new well.

Thanks to massive solidarity, we raised enough funds to be able to pursue the construction of our 2 bungalows and dig the new well. As a matter of fact, Lia Beach is the result of this huge solidarity wave and will bear that over the years as part of its history. We will never be thankful enough to all our supporters 🙂

We opened in July 2016

The bamboo part of the works (roof structures and wall finishes) occurred between March and May 2016.
In June, we did some finishing and landscaping, and got ready to welcome guests again as of July 1st, 2016!

Unfortunately, the intervention of a dowse and our two attempts to drill the ground for fresh water were unsuccessful, so we still don’t have a fresh water supply on site. We keep getting it from a surrounding village (Tumpang), about half an hour away from Lia Beach to supply our accommodations and kitchen.