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EVERTO (Everybody For Togean)

EVERTO (Everybody For Togean) is a nonprofit organization created in 2012 in Katupat, Central Togean Islands. Marion is behind the initiative, together with Saiful M. Amin, a Katupat villager.

EVERTO is dealing with one of the biggest issue in the Togean Islands: garbage. The organization gets donations mostly from Western travelers, and has a limited budget to handle the massive problem. That’s why EVERTO is mainly working in its pilot village: Katupat.

EVERTO’s fields of action are:

  • Waste management system
  • Environmental education
  • Plastic recycling
  • Beach & villages cleanups
  • Collection of Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish (COTS), a poisonous sea star killing the coral reefs at high speed

Epo and Marion have been volunteering at EVERTO since the very beginning. Setting up actions, developing education programs, doing a lot of research about environmental protection, they both have developed a high ecological awareness. It makes sense to them that their leaning on the subject and the knowledge they have gained with EVERTO has to be transferred to their own resort. That’s why Lia Beach is meant to be a place respecting the environment as much as possible.

Although Marion and Epo are no longer in Katupat, they are still involved in EVERTO in many ways, as Marion is the vice-president of EVERTO France (the sister organization collecting funds in France). They will keep following what’s going on in Katupat and try to develop eco-activities at Lia Beach and in the closest village (Popolii), if the community is willing to collaborate.

EVERTO needs a lot of support from any part to maintain its activities and develop them in the 36 other Togean villages. The local government is not helping so we need your help to keep it alive and kicking!

How can you help EVERTO and the Togean environment?

  • Visit the EVERTO website and make an online donation
    // NOTE: the EVERTO website has been hacked, we’re working on it, so you can visit EVERTO on Facebook instead, and make a donation directly on the HelloAsso website, our online donation system provider (sorry, only available in French).
  • Visit the Katupat Green House and buy accessories from recycled plastic as well as coconut shell handicrafts.
  • Stay at Lia Beach and help us in many ways: clean the beach and sea from marine debris, separate your waste, bring back your used batteries to your country, where they can be recycled, help us make compost, share any idea you might have about waste management on a remote island, environmental protection, renewable energies, sustainable development, etc.
  • Apply these few elementary rules during your stay on the islands:
      – no stepping on coral
      – no stirring the sediment with your fins
      – no chasing or touching marine wildlife (and wildlife in general)
      – no feeding fish or any wildlife
      – no littering
      – no collecting marine life, dead or alive
      – no spear fishing
      – do not buy coral or any marine life souvenirs